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Jun 17, 2018

We are taking a break from the "Dynamics 365 Content" to discuss a very important non-technical topic.

Back on Episode 22, when asked "Which non-MVP community leader do you want to see here at the Microsoft MVP Summit next year and why?", CRM MVP Neil Benson said:

"I'd like to see more women, I'd like to see more people who speak Arabic, and Korean, and Chinese, and Spanish, and Portuguese --- there's a lot of other countries around the world that are under-represented in the MVP Community and are just as passionate as we are about the product and about solving customer challenges. I'd like to see more of those people join the MVP Program."

The lack of diversity in the MVP Program that Neil pointed out is a reflection of our industry as a whole, and it is something that we (MVPs) talk about often.

So for this episode I invited a couple of people who are passionate about this topic to discuss why Diversity is important as well as what can we do as an industry to encourage more diversity.

By the way, I realize that some of you are probably dissapointed that we are not covering Dynamics 365 Best Practices and Expert Insights on this episode, but don't worry, we'll be back to our original programming on Episode 30. :)

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