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Apr 22, 2018

On average, people spend over 4 hours a day on their phones, so it makes sense for organizations to think about Mobility when it comes to their Dynamics 365 implementations. But often, Mobility falls to an afterthought on implementations, functionality relegated to Phase 2 or 3. Organizations focus on the overall solution and just want to make sure that this solution is available on the users' phones and tablets.

On this episode, I talk to Ivan Stano from, which is the leading mobile client third party provider for Dynamics 365.

Now, since Ivan invited me to their annual mobility conference in Atlanta he probably thought I was going to take it easy on him, but that wasn't the are some of the things we discuss:

  • When did Resco get into the CRM Mobile Client business?
  • Why did they decide to NOT release a client for Blackberry even though Blackberry was the market leader at that time?
  • What was their reaction when Microsoft announced their partnership with CWR Mobility a few years ago, effectively "killing Resco and TenDigits" in the process?
  • How did they manage to survive that partnership while their competitors "closed shop"?
  • Are they being acquired by Microsoft?
  • Now that they are partners with Microsoft, what are they doing to ensure this partnership works out, unlike the CWR partnership?
  • Is Microsoft coming up with their own Field Service App? Does Resco have its days counted?

I would like to thank Ivan Stano from for his time answering my questions and sharing their story.

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