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Oct 20, 2019

There are currently ONLY 90 CRM MVPs in the World, so the chances of you directly interacting with one or more of us is very small.

This lack of access to Microsoft MVPs creates a sense of mystery or perhaps misunderstanding about what MVPs are, or even more importantly what they are not.

This episode is all about the...

Oct 6, 2019

I'm not a big fan of reviewing the latest and greatest technology, those episodes never age well; but I am a big fan of former 9x Microsoft MVP and current Microsoft Global Black Belt for Power Platform Scott Sewell.

Before joining Microsoft, Scott implemented Dynamics 365/CRM for organizations around the country, so...

Sep 22, 2019

On this episode, I tackle 15 different scenarios where today's consultants and solution architects are acting based on emotions or "feelings" rather than facts.

The reality is that fact based consulting always performs better in the real world.


Managed vs. Unmanaged: 

Sep 8, 2019

Starting October 1st, 2019, Microsoft will be enforcing new licensing rules and offerings, and this new licensing model is completely new.

Steve Mordue is back on the show to discuss the new licensing model.

Whether you are implementing for a brand new Dynamics 365 customer, or you've been a customer for a while, this...

Aug 25, 2019

There are things you must know as a Solution Architect, and then there are things you don't but for some reason people believe you should know them in order to be a Solution Architect.

These are my top 10 OVERRATED skills for Solution Architects.


How do you become a Solution Architect? -