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Jul 1, 2018

This episode is inspired by Scott Sewell and his obsession with Antiques Roadshow.

CRM MVP Ulrik Carlsson was visiting Atlanta so I invited him over to the CRM MVP Podcast studio to collaborate on our list of Top 10 Pro Tips regarding how to take your Dynamics 365 Implementation to the next level. These tips are all about "the finish" high level professionals put on their Dynamics 365 Implementations. These best practices are subtle, and not all users will notice the difference, but other professionals certainly do.

Top 10 beautification tips:

  1. Standarize views
  2. Remove unused views
  3. Remove unused fields from Advanced Find
  4. Use App Designer
  5. Remove unusued charts/show relevant charts
  6. Deactivate unused Business Process Flows
  7. Remove "Quick Create" from some entities
  8. Remove unwanted actions from Security Roles
  9. Change Relationship Behavior
  10. Implement "User Experience Enhancers"

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